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Brontide® natural butylene glycol

Created by A Leader In Biotechnology

Made from plants, not petroleum, Brontide butylene glycol is a natural ingredient that delivers both high performance and sustainability.

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What is Brontide?

Brontide natural butylene glycol is a multifunctional ingredient used in a variety of personal care products and cosmetics

Preservative-boosting solvent
Skin-feel modifier
Carrier for extracts and actives

Brontide butylene glycol integrates into new and existing formulations without sacrificing quality or needing reformulation


Made from plants

Made from plants

We use renewable raw materials to create a high purity ingredient for personal care products and cosmetics

Most butylene glycol products on the market today are sourced from petroleum and are made from acetaldehyde, a carcinogen and mutagen.

Unlike conventional production methods, our process starts with renewable plant sugars. An elegant, one-step fermentation process converts renewable sugars into a high purity, natural butylene glycol.

We’ve brought science and nature together to give you a petroleum-free alternative for formulating natural, more sustainable personal care products and cosmetics.HOW IT’S MADE 

Reimagine how cosmetics are made

Measure your environmental impact

Use our interactive calculator to discover the impact of replacing petroleum-derived butylene glycol with


Significantly reduce your product’s environmental footprint

Brontide natural butylene glycol can play a role in helping brands achieve their sustainability goals

Genomatica’s fermentation process reduces global warming potential by 50% compared to petroleum-based butylene glycol production

our impact

A new approach to sustainable production

We’ve spent the last decade developing ways to make the world’s most widely used ingredients a better way, using renewable feedstocks and more sustainable approaches

Our approach

Apply the power of biology (and of all our brilliant scientists!) to produce better, more efficient chemistry.

Award-winning, science-driven organization

Winner of the prestigious United States Environmental Protection Agency’s EPA 2020 Green Chemistry Challenge Award and the Independent Commodity Intelligence Services’ ICIS Innovation Award for Brontide natural butylene glycol.


Lead the irresistible transition to sustainable materials through our technology and, united with industry leaders, make our world a better place.